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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lost in Transition -- A Sleepy Transcon Flight

I finished my business at Book Expo on Saturday afternoon, so I spent that evening hanging out with friends in the Meat Packing district. Evening turned into night, and then it was the morning. We drained the Absolut, Maker’s Mark, and a cheap bottle of Brut. At 4, the music was still loud, but because my flight to L.A. left at 7, I had to get to JFK.

This was my first time in Pennsylvania Station during the wee hours in the middle of the weekend. I was surprised to find so much traffic still going on. On the L.I.R.R. level of the train station, I joined other bleary-eyed “B&T crowd” beneath the departure board, waiting for the track number to post.

These days, New York simply feels like a more congenial city compared to how it was the first time I visited, 20 years ago. I got a sense of that when the young person sitting next to me on the floor politely warned me right before throwing up the evening's take of booze and beer. And as reassurance that New York is indeed a friendlier place, a passerby quickly came over with a stack of paper towels from the janitor’s cart. I helped clean up the mess, and then parted our ways as I boarded my train for Jamaica. Even though this was early June and there were still three weeks left of spring, it already felt like summer in the city.

My flight to L.A. this time felt special because it carried a lot of publishing people going home from Book Expo. I noticed quite a few familiar faces as I walked down the aisle to claim my seat. But why did we all take such an early flight, at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning, instead of later on? We Angelenos think alike--after a week in New York, we could not wait to get home.

Once I settled into my seat, the adrenaline that carried me through the night was drained completely out of me. Even before we took off, I was out like Maccabees’ lamp on the ninth night. I did manage to snap a photo of the passenger cabin while we were still at the gate. It shows the huuuge amount of legroom I had. For those in the know, it was Row 9, with no need to elaborate further.

That was all I remembered from the flight, because I slept nearly the entire way. I did wake up for breakfast, but I don't remember much of what I ate. Instead, I have this menu below to go back on.

(from the menu)

Featured Cocktails


Lots of places serve this famous drink, but few use the correct ingredients-light sparkling wine and white peach puree. But that's exactly what we've done, so give this refresher a try!

Kir Royale

The Kir Royale is a contemporary cocktail mixing Cassis with Champagne for a delightfully rich and effervescent drink.

Main Course

Florentine quiche with Hollandaise sauce

Sautéed turkey sausage, Canadian bacon and silver dollar potatoes with fresh seasonal fruit.

Prior To Arrival

Turkey and roast beef deli plate

Cheddar cheese, grapes and vegetable crudité with ranch dressing.
Walker’s Chocolate chip cookies

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